RESA Welfare Request Guidelines

Please read through our guidelines carefully, as we have made some important changes. 

  1. Requests CAN NOT be granted to individuals, only to organizations registered with the 86th FSS Private Organizations office. Please verify BEFORE submitting an application that your organization is registered, can receive funds, and has a bank account. Checks will not be reissued.

  2. Please fill out the request form completely. Incomplete requests will be delayed and possibly returned.

  3. Requests for events that have taken place within the thirty (30) days prior to the date of submission may not be granted.

  4. At LEAST 35 days must be given between the request and the date needed; This is to ensure that there is time enough to have your request considered by the appropriate groups- please see our Constitution and Bylaws for further details. The RESA Board meets once a month to consider Welfare Requests, typically in the evening on the first Thursday of the month. Failure to give enough time for consideration may result in delay or denial of your request.

  5. Submit your request only once. Multiple submissions can cause delays in the request process.

  6. If your organization does not utilize the whole or part of the welfare grant for the purpose requested, then the unused amount must be returned. A check should be made out to RESA along with a letter of explanation and hand-delivered to the RESA Thrift Shop, or mailed to the address below.

  7. All checks must be picked up from the Thrift Shop within 30 days of notification. Once that time has passed, all unclaimed checks will be voided and the request must be resubmitted to RESA. If a voided check instance occurs, the request is not guaranteed to be granted again; nor does it guarantee a denial.

  8. All checks must be cashed/deposited by the receiving organization within ninety (90) days of the date written on the check. If ninety (90) days lapses and the funding is still required, a new request must be submitted to RESA. Resubmission does not guarantee acceptance or denial.

  9. The form attached to checks at pickup along with all receipts listing items, services, and fees that the welfare funds were used for MUST be submitted within forty-five (45) days of the event. No further Welfare grants will be approved until the form and receipts are received. Failure to submit the required documentation could result in your organization being ineligible for welfare grants for a period of one (1) year.

In order to have your request considered at a monthly Board Meeting, it must be received by the Monday prior at 1700.

Here are the deadline dates for our 2019 meetings:

Requests received by December 31st will be considered on January 3rd

Requests received by February 4th will be considered on February 7th

Requests received by March 4th will be considered on March 7th

Requests received by April 1st will be considered on April 4th

Requests received by April 29th will be considered on May 2nd

Requests received by June 3rd will be considered on June 6th

Requests received by July 8th will be considered on July 11th

Requests received by July 29th will be considered on August 1st

Requests received by September 2nd will be considered on September 5th

Requests received by September 30th will be considered on October 3rd

Requests received by November 4th will be considered on November 7th

Requests received by December 2nd will be considered on December 5th

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