RESA membership is open to members assigned to an installation located in the KMC  who are:

  • Spouses of active duty enlisted military members

  • Enlisted Military Personnel

  • Civilian personnel (GS-7 and below)

  • Spouses of GS-7 and below

  • Local enlisted retirees

  • Adult dependents living with active/retired enlisted military members


RESA membership dues are $42 for 6 months or $84 for the whole year.   

To request more information about RESA, please email our Membership Chair at  If you're ready to become a member today, download the application , fill it out and return it to the next RESA event or the RESA Thrift Shop.

Interested in signing up with RESA? Click on the link below for the RESA Membership Application. 

RESA Membership Application