This form is a request for a contribution from the Ramstein Enlisted Spouses' Association (RESA).  RESA meets once a month to review any welfare requests, the first  Thursday of each month.  Provide as much detailed information as possible.  Failure to complete all portions of this form can cause your request to be delayed and/or denied.  While additional enclosures or letters are accepted and even recommended, this form must be submitted for a request to be considered.

All questions marked with asterisk are required. 

Is this a request of a Holiday Event of any kind? Note: Deadline for Christmas/Holiday events is December 1st: Please read the notes under requirements for further information! *
Today's Date
Today's Date
Checks will not be made out to individual requestors but rather to their organizations. The check will be made payable to the organization name stated here. Please verify BEFORE SUBMITTING THIS APPLICATION that your organization can receive funds. Checks will not be reissued.
Deadline for Money* *
Deadline for Money*
Has your organization requested/received funds from RESA in the last year? *
In the event of approval, will you authorize use of your organization's name for public use in receiving a donation? *
Would your organization be willing to assist at RESA events through the year? *
May we call on your organization when volunteers are needed at our Thrift Shop? *
I understand and agree to the following: Checks must be picked up from the Ramstein Thrift Shop within 30 days of notification. *
I understand and agree to the following: Failure to pick up a check within the allotted time will result in a voided check *
I understand and agree to the following: RESA does not reissue checks. In the event of a voided/stop payment order check, the request must be resubmitted. Resubmission does not guarantee approval or denial. *
I understand and agree to the following: Checks must be cashed/deposited within 90 days. Failure to do so will result in a stop payment order being placed on the check. *