RESA's January Social -

"Ring in the New Year with RESA!"

Memebers mix and mingle prior to the activites and enjoy some appetizers and horderves. 

Meet some of our board members! 
Our Ways of Means Chairs: Amanda, and our Parliamentarian: Nicole!

Amanda put a lot of hardwork into coming up with new, exciting and fun items for the wraffle for the Ways of Means fundraiser.  Thank you Amanda for all your hard work and the exciting prizes! 

At the beginning of the first Social of the year, the previous president is gifted a scrapbook of activies and events from the year before.  Carrie, our 2016 Historian, is presenting Nichole with this wonderful gift for serving as REAS's 2015 president.  

RESA's most valuable asset is the countless hours the members volunteer to the association.  At easch social, a member is regonized for their extra support to RESA as "Volunteer of the Month."  This month, Emma (Our Vice President) awarded Toni with Volunteer of the Month! Congradulations Toni and thank you for all you do! 

To open the meetings, RESA like to regonize and appreciate our members by handing out small gifts of appreciation to those who have participated in volunteer events through out the month.  Just another way we like to show our members how we appreciate them! 

Our Vice President introducing a new incentive for joining RESA and participating in volunteer activies.  Each member wil receive a charm bracelet with an Owl Charm.  A new charm will be given for participating in different volunteer opportunties such as "Feeding Club 7, Meet & Greets, Sweet Treats, Deployment Buddies," etc. 

And the festivities begin!    
Members from each table line up and get ready for a scavanger hunt!  Items area called out, members run to their tables to grabe an item that matches the description and run to their spot across the room.  

As you can see, we mean business!  RESA likes to play hard! 

Towards the end of the social, the winners for the Ways of Means raffle prizes are annoucenced!  Look at how excited our Members are to receive their prizes!

Our socials also have a photobooth where members can be funny, goofy and real!  Part of this social was to share resolutions to reminisce over during our end of the year social in December.  How cool is that?! 

What a great and fun RESA social.  Thank you to co-chairs Terri and Taran for putting it together.  Here's to a wonderful year with RESA!   The Next Social is February 7th 2016, "Ugly Wedding Party" themed!